Newport Country Club Committees 2021 Season

Clubhouse: Kevin Kincaid, Chair; Troy Hamilton, Janet Wiseman

Course: Derek Choquette, Chair; Matt Robert  Non-board members: Kathy Sims, Susan Wu

Finance: Janet Wiseman, Chair; Chet Greenwood, Matt Robert, Kevin Kincaid, Marilyn Frederick

Handicap/Rules/Bylaws: Marilyn Frederick, Chair; Matt Robert, Janet Wiseman Non-board members: Roger Cartee, Bud Lucas, Mike Murphy, Irene McDermut

Newport Youth Golf Association: Troy Hamilton, Ben Scherer

Long Range: Marilyn Frederick, Chair; Ben Scherer, Robbie Ludwig, Troy Hamilton  Ad-Hoc Tower Janet Wiseman; Non-Board Members to Long Term: Charlie Kremer

Marketing/Membership: Ben Scherer, Chair; Chet Greenwood, Lisa Worden, Liz Bosco, Robbie Ludwig; Non-board members: Rob Riedl;

                          Social  sub-committee: Robbie Ludwig, Chair; Lisa Worden, Ben Scherer, Kevin Kincaid, Liz Bosco;

                          Website sub-committee: Lisa Worden, Marilyn Frederick

Nominating: Chet Greenwood, Chair; Kevin Kincaid, Derek  Choquette

Personnel: Liz Bosco, Chair; Chet Greenwood

Tournament:  Matt Robert, Chair; Robbie Ludwig

Communication (Ad Hoc): Marilyn Frederick, Lisa Worden, Derek Choquette

Gardens (Ad-Hoc): Kathy Sims, Susan Wu  

All committees are made of elected board members and club members. The board is always actively seeking members to serve on the committees.


































































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